Thursday, January 20, 2011

Indy needs to friggin' get real.

I've been kicking this recent occurrence around in my head for a while, and even a week after the fact it still makes me mad-ish. No, make that downright angry. But somehow, still laughing just because it is so damn absurd.

I'd gone to a Marsh store on 86th, and I got turned around because there seems to be no rhyme or reason to their shelves. Happened to notice the condoms, all along the wall in a locked cabinet. A. locked. cabinet.

What the hell is this, 1960??

And then I went to Wal-Mart, where it's the same story. Condoms all locked up. I called my friend Sam who lives in Greenwood, a good 40 minutes or so south of here. He said it's the same story down there.

But what did I see upon approaching check-out? A huge supply of booze, right on the impulse rack! So getting trashed is fine and dandy, and the supplies for that are readily available with no hassle or embarrassment. But if you get in the mood for a little action, and don't have the time or maybe the fortitude to ask a clerk to unlock the condoms for you... not to mention the possibility of a clerk denying the sale to someone who needs 'em based on age or lack of married status... well, that really isn't a whole lot of incentive to be safe, now, is it? Alcohol is abundant. There's a liquor store on every corner, even without the convenience of it being right by the check-out at your local Wallyworld. You can even get drunk *and* screw if you want, but not with readily available protection.

Nothing wrong with a few drinks done responsibly. And nobody's going to breathe down your neck if you *don't* drink responsibly, unless you hurt someone. However, apparently we mustn't let a vital help for sexual health and safety out from under lock and key. Good friggin' lord. I never imagined that Evansville would be more progressive than Indianapolis on something this basic.

Fortunately it'll be easy if I decide I want a drink to get rid of the bad taste this leaves in my mouth.

Indy regulars, I'm just a transplant and I haven't gotten around that much. Is it like this all over? This bears further investigation. Would you be willing to write to an Indy health officer, Planned Parenthood's action-alert people, or whoever it takes to see if we can effect some much-needed change?

(pic by Phnk via Creative Commons)

edit: Bil has informed me that the prophylactic lock-up isn't really a product of store-owners' douchebaggery, but of thievin' varmints' asshattery. Apparently every condom that isn't "nailed to the floor" mysteriously disappears. Which, of course, is no less super-maddening.

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