Thursday, January 20, 2011

I really, really wish I could be surprised by this.

Those pretty little "In God We Trust" plates have cost the Indiana highway fund over $1.5 million so far, according to the Terre Haute Tribune-Star.

From the article:

A new state law that passed overwhelmingly in the Indiana General Assembly last year called on the BMV to issue the new plates beginning this year and to make them available to passenger vehicles, trucks with a gross weight of 11,000 pounds or less and recreational vehicles.

The law, authored by Rep. Woody Burton, R-Greenwood, also requires that the "In God we trust" plates be offered to Hoosier motorists at no additional charge compared with the standard Indiana plate.

In fact, the BMV is absorbing a cost of $3.69 for each plate ordered, according to a report in the Gary Post-Tribune.

"It's more of an alternative standard plate," [BMV communications director Greg] Cook said.

I couldn't say it better than Thomas did in Blue Indiana:

...Georgia, North Carolina, Arkansas and Louisiana all offer their own version of this same design, but with statewide charities benefiting from the fee usually associated with such programs. Now let me ask you: If given a choice between a plate that isn't necessary and is costing the taxpayers nearly $4 bucks a pop, and a process that would allow those inclined in the state to affirm their trust in God while benefiting some social program in Indiana, which do you think they would choose? This was a perfectly legitimate opportunity to raise money for some worthy cause, and instead, it will instead go down as just another example of politicians who were happy to privilege an act of political pandering over the good of the people.

And I re-iterate my comment. Our roads must be entirely perfect, right down to the county level, because for the state to be able to get by with this hogwash, there must be a surplus of funds. That explains why my home county (Pike) barely even has pavement on the main highways, and half the county roads are impassable in the spring unless you have 4-wheel drive. Psh. What do the godbags intend to *drive* on once that money's been milked away?

I'm hesitant to put the "religion" tag on this crap, because God had absolutely nothing to do with the peddling of these plates. Christ would either weep, rage, or laugh his heavenly butt off.

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